Republic of Malaysia | The Goddess Transformation | 変態の女神 | богиня трансформации

Ko Yem Binjai | in Reality is to One Nation for One

“..Ko Yem Binjai who is also known as KYB, had devoted and entrusted his life to the eradication of poverty in Latin America, Russia, African Nation but especially in the Republic of Indonesia with an official appointment for a mission for the republic. Herein presented, a personal record of him about a struggle to prowess his personal group of company and family ambitions with pure spirit of leadership that he had inherited from his family in Malaysia, but as he had tried and were made unwanted,  ignored, discriminated and abandoned – with an expensive price to only benefit the influence of the corrupt polity, greedy administrator and ethnic diversities implanted by the local government administrators together with the bankers at the financial institution,  of the country of his birth origin’s. Obstructed and made failed in extensive business project  financing, KYB were succumbed to  being forced to mobilized his unstoppable spirits in humanism, religion by learning, socialist leadership and business discernment which he translates that  those success of his would be shared with and only for the people, he had moved to Indonesia, as to further survive after the 1997 economic turmoil. A declaration of controls over territtory were sworn in. The late father’s family background in Kudus Java Indonesia had helped him, supported by an extensive grass root spiritual personal connection in the republic since 1991, he ventured to translate his proclaimed success through Indonesia for Japan, China, India and other Asian region, as well as Autralia, the Cook’s in New Zealand, Pasific, America, Europe and Africa. While he was in Indonesia, he was negotiated with a security agency which later had realized and recognized his plans, personal campaigns which had contributed to benefit the majority people at great lengths. He was then called in at the Indonesia’s Jakarta Bappenas’ KPEL’s United Nation Housing Settlement Program ”’UNHSP”’ since 2002 while Promoting the Republic’s Economic Development Plan focusing the contributions towards the internal and external economic investments, policy advisory, ground works, campaigns, project  mobilization and restructuring of the economic agenda throughout the People Republic of Indonesia and at the international level; during the  term of President Ibu Megawati till the current President the Honorable Bapak General Susilo Bambang Yudhiyono. KYB is very well motivated and well versed in Sukarnology through his late father and embedded during the service and assimilation process at the Indonesia Agencies. KYB is also in Tight-Close Relationship with the Japanese Business Counterparts, as early as 1988,  that helped him with dealings with the Tokyo for Japanese and Japan International business group associates. While actively involve with the Japanese and Indonesia, KYB promoted and involved in the United Nations Youth Development Program throughout the world, to promote the program for eradication of poverty and development of new generation’s economic stimulation. Born and bred in a Malay Village with old mentors and parents, KYB  extended his education in the USA, he was a scholar in International  Economics and Communication studies for International Business Masters from a Jewish foundation University. As the only Malay in that “application” he reserved the seats to have the opportunity in  evaluating the Harvard Business Schools manuscripts’ in advance, in a small town in Kansas USA in 1989. As a Moslem, KYB promotes freedom on humanism with the basis of religion, God, faith and Reality. KYB, inherited his heritage family from both side of the parent in the Old Kingdom of Johor Malaysia -and Java Indonesia. KYB adapted  Moslem through learning and practices, while read Christianity and other religion for his work around the world. In this chapter, KYB is promoting a fresh ideas of his outlook and suppression over the local Malaysian politics and diverted history that he had uncovered so as to spell-translate the  act of promotions of a Republic of Malaysia which is already in the making, and the means of the new way to survival in facing the fast world  of transformation leaving behind the facade of the term he called ”’“..fed to be fooled..””’ lifestyles and attitudes as per usually being tuned in the local Malaysian. KYB tried and planned to settle back in Malaysia, but tolerating to educate the people until successfully change their drive to speak at level truth to meet the blasts of the life prophecies, correctly. Hopefully. Enjoy reading. Enjoy negotiating the mood as well. Thank you.”

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