Chapter XII | 22 Strategies

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1. Struggles | TO CHANGE TO TRANSFORMS TO INDEPENDENTLY PEOPLE IS PEOPLE REPUBLIC of MALAYSIA with Republic Legislation and Administrators by the People, without further using the word Ke’raja’an in the Civil Service Department; while Monarchy to lead their lifestyle  and monarchism in their own palace and landbanks and territory under their own ADAT Legislation; without at all become the advisory of the Republic, unless invited to do so.
2. Monetary | ALL poor and Jobless to receive monthly RM 1500 via  Social Benefit  Fund and Old-Folks Homes Residence
Monetary | ALL Citizen entry salary MINIMUM RM 3,000 per month on Permanent Basis Employment.
Monetary | ALL Citizen / Foreigner salary MAXIMUM RM 15,000 : If exceed to be refunded deposited into the PEOPLE fund to be managed by the PNB under special accounts to eradicate poverty, and scholarship.
Economy | ALL business corporate worth RM 100 million Allowed Approved Capital MUST : UMBRELLA 10 number of new NON-CRONY through PNB
Economy | and increase by each tenth : eg 200 Million umbrella 20 cos.
Economy | ALL Banks in Malaysia is to be owned 50% shareholding by the PNB
Economy | That PNB ownership shareholding 50% is to be managed by the People Cooperative Administrator Council
Economy | Income from the ill-sourced and Caught-Criminals to be summoned and PUNISHED to be used for Nation’s Infra-Development, not to the Organization business benefit or to the Security or Police fund.

Social | Members of Item 10 above are NOT allowed to hold more than one position / job income
12. Politics | 50% Cooperative led bodies hold all administrative in governmental related agencies and private sectors + 50% that is recommended by the GLC
Politics | Social law transformation from Police 50% + Adat Police 50% power sharing
14. Economics | Malaysian doing Business overseas to be guaranteed by Malaysia Institution of Citizen Guarantee 50% + 50% from Khazanah, therefore all banks guarantees goes under Khazanah.
15. Economics | Khazanah GLC to be managed under the PNB together with the Central Bank BNM

16. Social Politics | Holidays are to be reduced to singularity The National major Festive Holidays and  individual Provincial Adat Holidays calendar days, while minority adat is not accepted as national holiday.

17. International Politics | AFTA and NAFTA to be reviewed to progress NAFTA merger with AFTA interest

18. International Politics | Single currency implementation under Asia + China + Australia, while using Australia as gateways to USA market controls.

19. International Politics | Minimize or Dismiss security relations with Middle East and Arab nations especially Iran, instead employ Russia and strengthened with Indonesia + Australia

20. International Economics | Download all investment from Japan, reducing RM which is already become single currency and tagged with Yen to compete at USD market.

21. International Economics | RM currency to be tagged at 4.20 per USD, or under single Asia currency (maybe, and targeted at) almost RM10.00 per 1 USD.

22. Monarchy | Legislation to be reviewed and transform to allow the monarchy  only to resume their lifestyle at the ADAT LAW (and that only covers the most immediate next of kin i.e  son) without any further privileges at PEOPLE LEGISLATION AND AUTHORITY, that involve the social status or monetary i.e.  monthly allowance, and have to accustomized the willful of full condition and legislation of the republic if they are outside the ADAT TERRITORIAL at anytime when they are out of their landbanks and territorial acclaimed land, while to live within their area as their own kingdom in their own territory and interest, without special allowance unless if they want to participate the republic activities, so they have to surrender their landbanks to rakyat for commercial purpose for rakyat benefit. All royalty benefits especially monetary for their own family members has to be allocated by the head of the palace themselves for their own “kingdom” as they wish, but NEVER and NOT through the republic’s people budget designed by the republic administrator or any set-aside-fund specially allocation for them. Up to them to have their own state in mind, and let them organize their lifestyle as they wish, according to their will and monetary strength. All monetary privileges will be equally shared with the commoners. finally, all history books will be reviewed with reference to (****) library available in the world.


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